California JPIA launches new website

The California JPIA’s revamped website was recently launched, providing a new resource to assist members with a variety of functions, including accessing our library of documents, requesting Evidence of Coverage letters, registering for training courses, submitting receipts for training-related expenses, and other tasks. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new website. If you haven’t yet received a username and password to access the site’s various features, please contact Courtney Morrison.

Members can now use the website to:

  • Register for training courses.
    On our Training page, member employees are able to register for webinars, e-learning courses, classroom training, and more. Course details and descriptions are also provided. Note that member registrars will still need to go to the Resource Center. Follow the quick link on the home page.

  • Access our library of helpful resources and documents.
    Our library of resources and documents has been consolidated into the new site so that members no longer will need to look for these in the Resource Center. Members will now find checklists, policy templates, workers’ compensation forms, agenda items, meeting minutes, cost allocation documents, and other useful links.

  • Read about important, current news as events happen.
    Members can learn of current events, legislation updates, and other news items by accessing our News and Updates page.

  • Report claims.
    The Report a Claim page allows members to use an online form to report directly to the California JPIA’s third-party administrators for claims involving third-party liability, workers’ compensation injuries or illnesses, property, and all other programs.

  • Get detailed information about coverage programs.
    The website provides details about coverage and insurance programs available to our members, which include programs for liability protection, workers’ compensation, property insurance, crime insurance, and more.

  • Browse through the Training Catalog of courses and offerings.
    Members can view all of our courses and offerings by browsing through the training catalog’s online table of contents or by printing out the catalog.

  • Request Evidence of Coverage letters.
    The website includes a user-friendly submission form which allows members to easily make requests for evidence of coverage letters. Basic evidences of coverage are available for immediate download.

  • Download Memoranda of Coverage and Certificates of Coverage.
    Members can download their memoranda of coverage and certificates of coverage for the liability and workers’ compensation pooled coverage programs by visiting our Coverage Evidences, Documents, and Certificates page.

  • Read the Authority Newsletter.
    Members can read the current month’s newsletter or browse through newsletter archives. A search function makes it easy to find topics of interest within each newsletter.

  • View a calendar of upcoming meetings.
    The Calendar page allows members to view the schedule of upcoming committee meetings and other events at a glance.

  • Submit receipts to receive reimbursement for training-related expenses.
    Members can visit the Training page and use the training reimbursement request feature to upload receipts and submit reimbursement requests directly to the training division.