Authority Readying New Programs and Services

At last month’s Risk Management Educational Forum, Assistant Executive Officer Norm Lefmann provided attendees a high-level overview of several initiatives that are on the near horizon, and are expected to launch near January 2015. Below is a summary of those programs and services. Please contact your Regional Risk Manager should you have any questions or want more information.

  • ADA Resources – The Authority is completing a pilot before rolling out a program to assist members with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The program will include compliance, site assessments, and transition plan development. An ancillary component is training, which is currently being scheduled regionally.
  • Continuity of Operations – We are putting together the finishing touches on a program that will provide power, technology, space, and connectivity for planned and unplanned operational interruptions. The program will also include remediation services and contaminant removal.
  • Cyber Liability – Coverage has been in put in place for members, effective January 2014, and is automatically provided as part of membership. This provides for first-party privacy regulatory claims and security breach response. It also extends to third-party privacy liability, security liability, and multi-media liability.
  • LinkedIn Discussion Group – Over the next few weeks, we will roll out a member-focused discussion forum, which can be used by members for crowdsourcing on ideas or discussing issues. Members can initiate or respond to anything relevant to local government or the Authority.
  • Medical Provider Network – We are completing the formation of an outcome-based medical network in order to provide better medical care and reduce costs for your injured workers. The Authority’s primary goal, which is different than that of other networks, is to focus on treatment instead of reducing provider fees.
  • Nurse Triage – Nurse triage is a means to collect first report of worker injuries and then to refer the worker to a medical specialist or self-care. This speeds treatment for injuries and reduces treatment costs. A pilot program is showing very encouraging cost savings.
  • Property Damage Recovery – Many members experience damage to property that is either partially covered or not covered under the Authority’s property program. This program will provide for expertise in recovering costs in instances of third-party fault.
  • Return to Work – Traditional return-to-work programs focus on what injured workers cannot do. A pilot program, which is currently underway, instead determines what injured workers can do before matching them to temporary assignments. Ultimately, this means faster recovery and reduced disruption to the workforce. Early results are significant.
  • Risk Technician – We are extending the resources of one of our strategic partners to provide members with onsite assistance for risk-related work of defined scope and duration. The support would include developing policies and procedures, attending safety meetings, conducting safety assessments, providing subject-matter expertise, and attending accommodation meetings.
  • Sidewalk Inspection and Maintenance – The Authority has spent nearly $14M over the last five years in settling slip and trip claims. Currently we are conducting a pilot program that evaluates different methods to reduce sidewalk deviations. Once the study is complete, we will roll out inspection and maintenance services to members.