Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance Program Pricing and Services

The California JPIA’s Executive Committee has authorized the creation of a master services agreement to allow members to take advantage of favorable pricing related to sidewalk inspection and maintenance. Pricing and services information from the agreement is available on the Authority website in the Resources and Documents library. These services, provided by Precision Concrete Cutting, are designed, in part, to mitigate dangerous conditions present when sidewalk deviations have a displacement of 3/4″ or greater. All work utilizing the master services agreement must be arranged between the member and Precision, including any contract, insurance requirements, scope of work, and payment terms.  

The California Public Contract Code excludes maintenance work from bidding requirements related to public works projects, meaning that general law agencies likely can forgo requiring bids for this work. Please consult with your agency attorney before proceeding, particularly if your agency was formed under a charter. To see the relevant sections of the code, please click here.