Caltrans Requests for Information

Caltrans has recently been contacting members for information regarding accessibility efforts for persons with disabilities and members’ ADA/504 self-evaluations and transition plans. There are two types of requests. One is directly from Caltrans and includes requests for documents, completion of a questionnaire, completion of a Local Agency ADA Annual Certification Form, an on-site visit, and staff interviews. The other request is from National ADA Accrediting and Consulting, Inc. (ADAAC), a contractor that has been engaged to assist Caltrans with complaints in the public right-of-way. The document titled Respondent Questionnaire – Local Agency is provided here for members’ reference and primarily focuses on complainant information.

Response to these requests in a timely and comprehensive manner is important for several reasons. Of most significance is the potential loss of federal funding by the city, county or public entity. In addition, these requests are an activity that Caltrans is required to complete as a recipient of funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The city, county or other public entities are sub-recipients for funding and are, therefore, under the same compliance requirements.

Information requests generally start by phone or email, and the primary point of contact is frequently the ADA Coordinator, identified from the city’s website. Members should notify their California JPIA Regional Risk Manager if they receive a request for information from either Caltrans or ADAAC, or need assistance establishing an ADA Coordinator.