The Authority Awarded Accreditation with Excellence

The California JPIA has been awarded Accreditation with Excellence by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) for a three-year term beginning January 12, 2016.  CAJPA was created in 1981 as an association of risk-pooling Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs) to meet the need for communication and cooperation among JPAs at a time when the pooling concept for insurance purposes was relatively new and fairly obscure.  In 1988, CAJPA introduced an accreditation program that is considered the nation’s first such program. 

The foundation of the accreditation program is:

  • To promote professional management and fiscally sound practices of risk-sharing JPAs
  • To provide industry standards that can be used by member entities, board members, and the public in evaluating levels of performance and compliance with State-required and commonly accepted practices
  • To develop a self-regulating process that is more thorough, responsive and less expensive to the taxpaying public than State or Federal regulations
  • To assist managers in achieving high standards and assure governing boards of professionalism and meeting industry standards
  • To provide an opportunity to compare certain policies and procedures to the accreditation standards and other pools in the industry

More information on CAJPA’s Accreditation program can be found on their website at