2016 Risk Managers Roundtables End with Cyber Liability Discussions

The Authority wrapped up its series of quarterly Risk Managers Roundtables in November, with roundtable discussions on the topic of cyber liability and exposures. Attendees listened to attorney Scott Koller from Baker & Hostetler give a presentation about cyber risks, the cyber coverage that the Authority provides, and what some of the best risk management practices are to safeguard data. Following the presentations, an Authority regional Risk Manager facilitated roundtable discussions.

The subject of the first roundtable for 2017 is the “risk management process,” that is, analyzing loss, examining risk management techniques, conducting inspections, and other processes involved with risk management. Other topics for 2017 will be announced in the coming months. For more information on the quarterly Risk Managers Roundtables, contact Michelle Aguayo by email or at (562) 467-8777.