Authority Training Addresses New Law Regarding Workplace Harassment

In the wake of the passage of AB 1661, the Authority is offering a new classroom training titled “Workplace Harassment Training for Local Agency Officials.” This course, offered regionally, enables members to comply with the training requirements under AB 1661.

AB 1661 requires that compensated local agency officials, including elected officials and commissioners, receive workplace harassment prevention training. This law applies to any city, county, city and county, charter city, charter county, charter city and county, and special district, and it mandates harassment prevention training for any member of a local agency legislative body and any elected local agency official who earns any type of compensation, salary, or stipend. Additionally, the law stipulates that the training must be completed within six months of taking office and every two years thereafter.

If you are interested in scheduling this training for your local agency officials, please contact Ryan Thomas, Training and Loss Control Specialist, by email or at (562) 467-8775.