Social Media Comment and Content Guide

The Authority has available to members a Social Media Comment and Content Moderation Guide to assist members with managing the risks associated with maintaining an agency website and a presence on third-party social media sites. While the use of these platforms is an excellent way for public agencies to engage with citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders, failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations can result in costly litigation. This is particularly true when it comes to managing content posted to agency websites and social media sites.

The Authority’s guide includes a glossary of terms, and information on document retention, copyrights, and open government, as they pertain to social media. This guide, along with the recently revised Social Media Policy Template, provides model policies and best-practice guidance for managing employees’ use of social media on an agency’s behalf, as well as the public’s use of agencies’ websites and social media pages.

For questions regarding social media and associated risks, members can contact their assigned Risk Manager.