Authority Resource Addresses Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

The Authority has recently revised its Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation policy template to address changes in regulation in recent years and provide clarification on the expanded scope to whom the policy applies. 

Specifically, the template revisions address the following: 

  • Expansion in the scope of whom the policy applies. In addition to employees and applicants, the policy has been revised to include volunteers, interns, contractors, vendors, and visitors.
  • Clarification that the policy includes protection for both those that have one or more legally protected characteristic, as well as others associated with such individuals.
  • Expansion in the scope of legally protected characteristics since the previous version of the policy.
  • Addition of a section that clarifies a supervisor’s reporting obligations.
  • Addition of the reference to AB 1661, which requires local agency officials to be trained on preventing sexual harassment. 

This policy template, which can be found in the Authority’s Resources and Documents libraryon, also includes the required components of an anti-harassment policy, as outlined under 2 CCR § 11023. 

For questions about this resource, members can contact their regional Risk Manager.