Effective Screening Procedures for Child-Serving Positions

As providers of recreation activities, daycare centers, and other child-serving programs, local government agencies have a responsibility to effectively screen job applicants and volunteers, and to proactively exclude those individuals who harbor inappropriate intentions towards children. While criminal background checks (including Live Scan fingerprinting) are an important part of the screening process, they should not represent an agency’s only effort to identify would-be abusers. According to Abuse Prevention Systems, a Texas organization dedicated to protecting children and those who serve them, agencies should require (and check) work and personal references, and utilize an application and interview process designed to expose known risk indicators. California JPIA members who provide child-serving programs are strongly encouraged to review their screening procedures for related jobs and volunteer positions to determine if improvements can be made.

For more information, please visit Abuse Prevention Systems’ website at www.abusepreventionsystems.com, or contact your regional Risk Manager. Please note that the California JPIA does not endorse nor have any relationship with Abuse Prevention Systems.