Revised Resource: Contractual Risk Transfer Manual

The Authority recently revised its Contractual Risk Transfer Manual. The manual, which was last updated in 2016, contains several updates, including new automobile liability limits for service work adjacent to or impacting roadways, and updated indemnity language in the professional service agreement section. The purpose of the manual is to guide the user in writing proper insurance specifications for contracts and obtaining insurance compliance. The manual also assists members in answering questions related to insurance specifications and indemnity, and helps with processes and techniques for allocating risk using risk transfer principles. Members are encouraged to share the manual with their legal counsel and staff that have a role in contract development or execution. 

The Contractual Risk Transfer Manual is available electronically via the Authority’s website(select “Risk Transfer” on the “Category Search” drop-down list). Members may choose to download an electronic version and/or print the entire manual. All prior versions should be replaced with this new version to ensure consistency with agency policy.   

For questions about this resource, members should contact their regional Risk Manager.