June Public Works Academy Held in Paso Robles

The California JPIA’s Public Works Academy was held in June at the La Bellasera Hotel in Paso Robles. Twenty-one attendees from 15 agencies took part in the three-day academy, which covered topics such as Risk Management for Public Works, Contractual Risk Transfer, Technology, Investigating Claims, and Fleet Management and Driver Safety. The Academy concluded with an in-depth look into the lessons learned from public works exposures with Paul Zeglovitch, Scott Grossberg, and Scott Haith. Attendees commented that they were pleased with the variety of topics presented and were also glad to have the opportunity to hear real-case scenarios. 

The Authority’s academies are multi-day training seminars which focus on a specific public-sector discipline and provide attendees with opportunities to interact with their peers and share real-world challenges and successes. Click here to learn more about the topics that are presented at the Public Works Academy. 

For questions and information about this and other academies, contact Michelle Aguayo, Training Coordinator, by email or phone at (562) 467-8777.