ReClaim: Trail Immunity

Trail immunity is the third of three specific governmental immunities that the California JPIA’s ReClaim campaign has highlighted over the last year.

Trail immunity (CA Govt. Code Section 831.4) protects public entities from liability for injuries caused by a condition of a recreational trail. Applying to paved and unpaved or natural trails, the immunity is intended to encourage public agencies to provide and maintain trails and recreational areas open to the public. A trail will typically retain its immunity protection, provided the condition complained of is an integral part of the trail or directly related to the trail itself rather than the land independent of a trail.

Learn more about trail immunity, including specific actions your agency staff can take to assist in asserting a trail immunity defense, on our website.

ReClaim is an awareness campaign geared toward employees at all levels of the Authority’s members. This important, data-driven initiative helps members understand and address high-impact claims to redirect critical funding toward essential programs and services. For more information on ReClaim, contact Management Analyst Courtney Morrison or visit the ReClaim page on the Authority’s website.

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