Membership Application

Public agencies considering membership with the California JPIA are invited to begin the five-step underwriting process by submitting an application. 

  1. Application
  2. Cost Estimate
  3. On-Site Risk Management Evaluation
  4. Underwriting Committee Review
  5. Executive Committee Determination

If your agency is interested in membership, the California JPIA can share detailed information about its unique approach to risk management and explain the membership steps. You will be asked to provide loss data along with other important information about your agency.

Before the California JPIA conducts an evaluation of your agency’s operations, you will be provided a preliminary cost estimate that is based on an assessment of the information provided in your application. Assuming that your agency wishes to continue the process, a field evaluation will then be conducted to determine your agency’s control of risk.

Your agency’s application and underwriting materials are then submitted to the California JPIA’s Underwriting Committee. The role of the committee is to review a staff recommendation for membership. If the Underwriting Committee supports the staff recommendation, the Committee will forward its separate recommendation to the California JPIA’s Executive Committee, which has final approval over the application process.