An Open Letter to Our Members


As we enter extraordinary times for our communities, the state, our nation, and the world, I am writing to inform you of steps the California JPIA is taking in response. First and foremost, our interests lie in the health and safety of our staff and families, our members, and the public you serve.

With more cases of COVID-19 being reported and a better understanding of how the virus is spread, after discussion with the Executive Committee, I have instructed staff to cancel all meetings and travel. In addition, we are adopting a remote working posture. We believe these actions are prudent given the rapidly developing circumstances related to this pandemic.

During this time, our commitment to serving you is unchanged. You can expect staff to be ready and able to help you in the same manner as you are accustomed, with some noted exceptions below. In other words, the California JPIA will maintain business continuity during these challenging times.

Effective immediately, we are instituting the following changes to key service areas:

  1. All instructor-led classroom training will be suspended. These will be rescheduled at a future time.
  2. All academies currently planned through April are also being suspended. Rescheduling will occur, when possible. Any fees paid for registration will be refunded.
  3. Any member site meetings will be canceled and rescheduled. These include meetings related to risk management, presentations, and claims. Where possible, these meetings may be rescheduled when they can be carried out by videoconference or teleconference.
  4. All on-campus meetings and events will be canceled, including those involving outside organizations that use our meeting spaces.
  5. Meetings involving the Authority’s advisory committees and the Executive Committee will not be held in person. Instead, attendees will be asked to participate remotely using our existing teleconferencing services.

For information related to emergency protocols your organization should consider, I urge you to access information from appropriate authorities on this matter. These include the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state agencies, including the Governor’s Office, the California Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Public Health.

In anticipation of member questions related to coverage, the Authority has created a FAQ and resource page on our website. Should you have other questions that are not addressed, you are encouraged to contact your assigned risk manager.

We are all aware of the pace in which developments are unfolding related to COVID-19. We will endeavor to keep you informed about any other changes to our programs and services and our ability to serve our members.

Again, please let us know should you have any questions.

Jonathan R. Shull, Chief Executive Officer
California Joint Powers Insurance Authority