Excess Liability Program

The excess liability program offers member-retained limits of $150k, $250k, $500k, $750k, or $1 million. The program has a coverage limit of $40 million per occurrence, and is funded at the 80% confidence level. It is likely to be an attractive coverage option for agencies with medium/high risk-tolerance, full-time dedicated risk management staff, effective loss control, and the financial capacity to properly fund a high member-retained limit. Members of the excess liability program tend to be full-service agencies with approximately $20 million or more in payroll.

In the excess liability program, claims are managed through a collaborative process with significant member communication and consultation. Members retain settlement authority over claims within their layer, except for certain defined claim types that have catastrophic potential. Members use the Authority’s designated claims administrator and their own trust account for claim payments. In the excess liability program, members retain the right to select defense counsel from the Authority’s pre-approved panel. The program is funded by annual contributions from members that cover the pooled layer of losses, operating expenses, and most training and risk management program expenses. Member-retained losses and claims administration costs are paid directly by the members.

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