Management Academy 2018 Wraps Up

The 2018 Management Academy was held over four days last month and drew in 29 attendees from Authority member agencies. Participants gathered at Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad to hear instructor Forrest Story discuss the role of a manager, how values and ethics impact decisions, elements of effective performance appraisals, and other topics designed to assist managers and supervisors. Attendees also participated in group activities and team-building exercises. A highlight of the Academy was John Perry, President of Human Productivity Systems, discussing the Job/Person/Environment Assessment (JPEA), which allows participants to explore their perceptions about their work environment and the behavioral requirements of their jobs.

The next Management Academy will be held in Indian Wells on September 23-26, 2019. For more information on Authority academies, contact Michelle Aguayo, Training Coordinator, by email or by phone at (562) 467-8777.