New Resource for Members: Abusive Conduct Policy

November 9, 2017

The Authority has added a new resource template, Abusive Conduct Policy, to its Resources and Documents library. This template can be used to assist members with the development of a workplace abusive conduct policy. 

AB 2053 amended the Fair Employment and Housing Act training requirements to include "prevention of abusive conduct" as a component of the mandatory sexual harassment prevention training that must be provided to supervisory employees every two years (and within six months of initial appointment to a supervisory position). While abusive conduct policies are not mandated by California law, they can be adopted by employers as a means of regulating disruptive and improper workplace conduct. 

Members are encouraged to review their workplace policies to determine if abusive conduct is already addressed in a policy. Some examples include: policy prohibiting bullying and hazing, policy prohibiting workplace violence, statement of compliance with the Cal/OSHA obligation to provide a safe workplace, policy prohibiting discourteous treatment of others, or a policy prohibiting conduct unbecoming an employee. Employers with labor unions will need to comply with applicable obligations to negotiate abusive conduct policies with labor unions before implementation.

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