• Registration Open for 2019 Human Resources Academy

    January 24, 2019

    Requests for registration are currently being accepted for the 2019 Human Resources (HR) Academy, which is scheduled to be held April 9 – 11, 2019 in Indian Wells. The HR Academy is a three-day academy designed for all public agency HR employees. Some of the topics being presented and discussed during this year’s academy are conducting effecting workplace investigations, practical tips for reducing your agency’s workers’ compensation costs, legislative and case law updates, and creating a culture of mentoring. 

    Those interested in attending should submit a “request to register” through myJPIA on the Authority’s website, cjpia.org by February 7, 2019. For more information about this academy, contact Michelle Aguayo, Training Coordinator, via email or at (562) 467-8777.

  • First Quarter 2019 Risk Managers Roundtable: Contractual Risk Transfer

    January 23, 2019

    Registration is currently open for the first quarter series of Risk Managers Roundtables for 2019, which run through February and feature the topic, “Knowing Your Contractual Risk Transfer Resources.” Attendees will learn about roles and responsibilities in the contractual risk transfer process and resources to help in effectively transferring risk. Copies of the Authority’s Contractual Risk Transfer Manual will be available. 

    The schedule of roundtable sessions is listed below. 

    • February 19 in La Quinta
    • February 26 in Arroyo Grande
    • February 27 in La Palma 

    For more information or to register, members can log into myJPIA. For questions, contact Ryan Thomas, Training and Loss Control Specialist, by email or at (562) 467-8775.

  • Data Privacy Day is January 28

    January 22, 2019

    January 28, 2019 is Data Privacy Day, a day that serves as a reminder of the importance of data protection to online safety and security. Steps that employers can take to create and maintain a culture of safeguarding data include having the latest security software, web browsers, and operating systems, and encouraging employees to remain engaged in data privacy efforts. 

    The National Cyber Security Alliance, a public/private partnership whose purpose is cybersecurity education and awareness, has helpful information on their website about what can be done to protect data. 

    For information on the Authority’s Cyber Liability Program, contact Jim Thyden, Insurance Programs Manager, by email or at (562) 467-8784, or visit our website.

  • New Laws in 2019

    January 16, 2019

    A number of employment-related bills that will impact California employers this year were signed into law in 2018 by then Governor Jerry Brown. The new laws cover issues such as paid time off, sexual harassment, criminal histories of job applicants, and lactation accommodations. A number of other employment-related bills were introduced, but either failed to pass the legislature or were vetoed by Governor Brown. Information on these bills, as well as the new laws, can be found in the article “Hello, 2019: With the New Year Comes New Laws” in the Authority’s December 2018 newsletter.

  • “Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices” and the Americans with Disabilities Act

    January 15, 2019

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public agencies to make “reasonable modifications” to their services, programs, and activities to accommodate people with disabilities. This requirement extends to the use of manual mobility devices and so-called “Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices” (OPDMDs), such as Segways, golf carts, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). 

    Public agencies must allow people with disabilities using OPDMDs onto their property and into their facilities unless a particular type of device cannot be accommodated because of legitimate safety concerns that are based on actual risks. More information on OPDMDs and the ADA is provided in a publication on the topic by the Department of Justice. 

    If an agency intends to prohibit or restrict the use of certain OPDMDs, the Authority recommends adopting an ordinance and/or administrative policy to serve as formal, constructive notice to the public, and as guidance for agency staff. Of critical importance is that the ordinance and/or policy have a legitimate safety-related basis. 

    For questions or additional guidance on this topic, please contact your assigned regional risk manager.

  • Registration Open for the March 2019 Leadership Academy

    January 2, 2019

    Registration is now open for the Authority’s Leadership Academy, being held from March 12 – 14, 2019 at the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara. The Leadership Academy is designed for all senior management-level employees and department directors, and this year, the focus will be on the increasingly complex and challenging demands on local governments. Participants will discuss and learn about the following topics:

    • The Job-Person-Environment Assessment
    • Trust, strategic thinking, and innovation
    • A leader's role in liability and workers' compensation
    • Transforming your organization through great leadership
    • Public service ethics / making decisions in the gray zone
    • Conflict resolution: leadership strategies, tools, and techniques to help employees get along
    Those interested in attending should submit a “request to register” through myJPIA on the Authority’s website, cjpia.org by January 10, 2019. For more information about this academy, contact Michelle Aguayo, Training Coordinator, via email or at (562) 467-8777.
  • ADA Financing Program for Authority Members

    December 4, 2018

    The California JPIA has launched a new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Financing Program for members. The program provides members with the opportunity to obtain funding for ADA transition plan development or the removal of ADA-related barriers. The ADA Financing Program will run for five years, with an open application period each year. This year, the Authority will receive applications until January 9, 2019, and members who miss this deadline will be asked to apply during the next application period. The ADA Financing Program is part of the Authority's larger effort to help members make progress towards compliance with the ADA. 

    The application contains specific details on the program, including eligibility requirements. For questions and more information, contact Abraham Han, Administrative Analyst, by email or (562) 467-8778. 

  • California State Legislative 2017-18 Session Ends

    December 3, 2018

    California State Legislative 2017-18 Session Ends

    The 2017-2018 session of the California State Legislature has ended and several key bills that the Authority opposed have been vetoed by Governor Brown. They are:

    • AB 553 (Daly) Workers’ compensation: return-to-work program - This bill would have required full payout of all remaining funds in the 100 percent employer funded catastrophic injury return-to-work fund without any triggering event beyond the fact that some money remains after funding all claims each year.
    • AB 1870 (Reyes) Employment discrimination: unlawful employment practices - This bill would have extended the period to three years for which complaints alleging unlawful employment or housing practices may be filed with the department, as specified. Furthermore, this bill would have exposed public employers to costly litigation.
    • AB 3120 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Damages: childhood sexual assault: statute of limitations - This bill would have increased the time limit for commencing an action for recovery of damages suffered as a result of childhood sexual assault and would have deprived California public entities of the ability to timely investigate and settle claims.
    • SB 937 (Wiener) Lactation accommodation - This bill would have placed burdensome mandates regarding lactation accommodations on public employers and would have exposed employers to costly litigation traps.

    For more legislative updates, see our October 2018 newsletter.

  • Parks and Recreation Academy: Registration Deadline December 10, 2018

    November 29, 2018

    The California JPIA's Parks and Recreation Academy will be held on February 5 – 7, 2019 and will focus on the challenges and responsibilities of managers and supervisors. With best practices in mind, this academy proposes strategies for developing new programs, writing grants, considering ADA requirements, staffing, and more.

    Members interested in attending this academy must submit a "request to register" on the event website by December 10, 2018. To submit a request to register, visit cjpia.org and log into myJPIA. Once logged in, locate the Academy start date on the training calendar and click on the title located under the date. Click "Register Now” to be directed to the event website to complete your request.

    Note that registration is limited to 25 people. Priority will be given in academy registration as follows:

    • Member of the California JPIA
    • First-time registrant for this academy or attended this academy more than three years ago
    • Agency responsibilities approximate those of the intended academy audience
    • Accompanied by no more than one other from the same agency

    For questions about this academy, contact Michelle Aguayo, Training Coordinator, via email or at (562) 467-8777.

  • 2018 Roundtables End with Presentation on Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

    November 15, 2018
    The final Risk Managers Roundtable was held last week at the Authority’s La Palma campus and featured the topic “Sexual Abuse Awareness Training.” Authority members were able to attend the roundtable in person at the Authority’s campus or by streaming the presentation online. The presentation, by Kimberlee Norris, Partner in the Love Norris law firm, covered common grooming behaviors of abusers, legal reporting requirements, and offender characteristics.
    Risk Managers Roundtables are held each quarter and typically feature a presentation followed by a roundtable discussion facilitated by one of the Authority’s regional risk managers. Information regarding the first-quarter roundtable for 2019 will be available in the coming months. For questions about the Risk Managers Roundtables, contact Ryan Thomas, Training and Loss Control Specialist, by email or at (562) 467-8775.
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