Coverage Evidences,
Documents, and Certificates

Evidences of Coverage

Evidence of coverage letters provide documentation of liability and workers’ compensation coverage, and are commonly issued to third parties such as individuals, vendors, companies, schools, and other agencies.

For basic evidences of coverage, members are able to immediately download these by completing an Evidence of Coverage request.

For evidences of coverage that name a third party as an additional Protected Party (or Additional Insured), approval must be provided by the Authority. This is typically given within two business days after receiving all needed documentation from the member. This documentation includes the front and back of any written statements or agreements, such as contracts and permits. Note that any contract or agreement must be fully executed before submitting a request.

To obtain either evidence of coverage click on the button below.

Download Evidences of Coverage

Memoranda of Coverage and Program Certificates

Your agency's personalized memoranda of coverage and program certificates for 2018-19 are available for download on myJPIA.  Member employees can find their memoranda of coverage and program certificates by logging into myJPIA, then clicking on “Risk Management” and on “Memoranda and Certificates.”

Member employees who do not see the Memoranda and Certificates page as a navigation option within myJPIA may contact Edith Avina to gain access to the page.  Access may take up to 24 hours to implement.

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