Risk Management Resources

Agency-Wide Approach to Risk Management

The California JPIA is committed to helping member agencies take an agency-wide approach to risk management. When staff in all functional areas and at all levels of the organization are empowered to identify and mitigate downside risks, the likelihood of losses are reduced. This approach helps to ensure that agency resources are used for their intended purpose, such as funding public safety, improving quality of life for residents through recreation and other community services, and maintaining critical infrastructure.

The California JPIA provides many resources in support of this goal, many of which can be found on our website.

Programs & Services

  • ADA Assistance Programs
    The Authority has two programs, ADA Assistance and ADA Financing, aimed at helping members get closer to achieving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Chief Executive Separation Payment
    In 1996, the Authority adopted the Chief Executive Separation Payment Benefit (CESP) via our Memorandum of Coverage – Liability Program. The CESP provides payment of a Chief Executive’s salary and reimbursement for COBRA, less any new income, for a period of six months.
  • Cyber Security
    The Authority partners with Chubb Insurance to provide cyber coverage for all members. Members can also manage their cyber risks using Chubb’s resources provided through the Authority.
  • Employment Practices Support
    Employment liability remains one of the largest exposures facing the Authority’s membership. To assist members, the Authority has a number of resources to address this exposure.
  • Sidewalk Repair Program
    Through a master services pricing agreement, members can utilize preferred pricing to inspect and repair sidewalks in areas where the general public uses them the most; including, but not limited to, downtown areas, senior centers, agency service access points, schools, and medical facilities.


  • City Council / Council-Manager Teambuilding

    The Authority offers custom training and counselling opportunities to councils and boards for teambuilding within councils or with their executives.

  • Risk Management Educational Forum
    An annual educational experience for Authority members, the Risk Management Educational Forum is the primary time for members to be together and learn together about issues relevant to local government.
  • Staff Stress and Fatigue
    The California JPIA training catalog lists courses to help with stress, including instructor-led courses in “Stress Management” and “Building a Workplace of Mutual Respect,” and an online course, “Workplace Stress”.
  • Academies

    • Executive
      Designed for current or soon-to-be city managers and chief executives, the Executive Academy addresses legal, financial, and structural constraints of governmental agencies through the active exchange of ideas and information.
    • Governance Leadership
      In the Authority’s newest academy, seasoned elected officials gain insight and share their experiences within their councils and executive management teams.
    • Leadership
      This academy is designed to respond to the demands on local governments by expanding the ability of senior management to think strategically and apply skills that will enable them to achieve effective, sustainable results. Topics covered include conflict resolution strategies, public service ethics, organizational risk management, and more.
    • Newly Elected Officials
      The Academy addresses how to be a productive member of a governing body and how to work within the legal, financial, and structural constraints of local government.
    • Risk Management
      This Academy provides the essential building blocks to develop, establish, and embed risk management as a business process within a public agency.


  • Contractual Risk Transfer Manual
    This manual is a guide for writing insurance specifications for contracts and enforcing compliance with them.
  • COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan
    This plan outlines an agency’s preparation and actions to take to mitigate the potential exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • COVID-19 Resources
    A page on the Authority website offering links to webinars, resources, FAQs, and E-learning on the topic of public agency response to COVID-19
  • Regional Risk Managers
    A page on the Authority website listing regional risk managers and their member agencies.
  • Tree Inspection and Maintenance Policy
    This document provides guidelines used to reduce public agency exposure to liability associated with trees. Also included are guidelines to protect trees in order to maximize their benefits, including improved air quality, reduced storm water flow, and habitat for wildlife.
  • Law Enforcement Resources

    • Lexipol Website
      The Authority’s partnership with Lexipol equips members with policies and trainings to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of law enforcement.
    • National Command & Staff College website
      A website with resources to improve public safety professionals’ leadership foundation through proven leadership imperatives.
    • Strategies to Effectively Address Current Policing Issues
      A recording of this session, originally presented at the Authority’s annual Risk Management Educational Forum in October 2020, that addresses topics such as defining policing services in communities, engaging communities in a conversation regarding policing, and maintaining and restoring community confidence in policing