Driving Defensively

Did you know most car accidents happen after sundown? Driving defensively helps equip you with the tools necessary to be aware of your surroundings, those driving around you, as well as being in a position to create a way of escape if needed. Employees also learn the importance of using headlights, driving safely in bad weather, what to do when a blowout occurs on the road, and how to share the road with trucks, busses and RVs. Use this training to help your employees become skilled drivers and learn how to lower risk by driving defensively on and off the clock. (Duration: 18 Minutes)
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction
  • The Basics
  • Dealing with Distracted Drivers
  • Coping with Aggressive Drivers
  • Using Your Headlights
  • Driving Safely in Bad Weather
  • Handling a Blowout
  • Sharing the Road with Trucks and Buses
  • Conclusion
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All Employees
Who should attend:
All Employees
As Needed
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