Networking Essentials: Troubleshooting

IT professionals know networks are not infallible. This training course teaches a troubleshooting methodology, and explains how to apply it to several common network issues. Viewers are taught that methodologies should be simple, flexible, and work towards a goal. Troubleshooters are encouraged to follow 3 basic steps: identify the symptoms, determine the cause, and implement a resolution. This course demonstrates how to apply this troubleshooting methodology to common issues involving client connectivity, name resolution, DHCP, Windows boot problems, and AD GPO issues. Watch this training course to learn how to become a more skilled and systematic troubleshooter. (Duration: 73 Minutes)
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction
  • Approaches and Methodology
  • Network Issues
  • Client Connectivity Issues
  • Name Resolution Issues
  • DHCP Issues
  • Windows Boot Problems
  • AD GPO Issues
  • Summary
( 1 hours )
Who should attend:
IT professionals
As Needed
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