Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 2.7: Securing and Distributing a Presentation

PowerPoint 2016 includes features to make it easy to distribute presentations, however there are some things to consider before sharing, particularly ensuring the safety and security of your content. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use alternative channels to distribute a presentation to a larger audience, especially for those who cannot attend the presentation live. This course discusses some of the methods you can use to secure a presentation, as well as broadcasting a slide show and creating a video or cd of the presentation. Use this course to ensure employees know the steps to securely create and distribute presentations. (Duration: 22 Minutes)
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction
  • Secure a Presentation
  • Broadcast a Slide Show
  • Create a Video or a CD
( 0 hours )
Who should attend:
Anyone using PowerPoint 2016 to create slideshow presentations
As Needed
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