OSHA Construction: Excavation Safety

This OSHA safety training course is for construction workers who work in and around excavation sites. Some of the hazards of working in excavations are cave-ins, toxic fumes, and fire. This course explains how protective systems such as supports, sloping and benching, and shields should be designed and used at excavation sites. OSHA requires a "competent person" to be at the excavation site. Viewers learn that a competent person is someone who can identify and eliminate hazards around the site, understands soils classifications, and knows about protective systems. Watch this safety training course to learn how to reduce the risks of working in an excavation site. (Duration: 14 Minutes)
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Excavations
  • Employee Protection
  • Water At or Near An Excavation
  • Excavation Hazards
  • The Competent Person
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
( 0 hours )
Who should attend:
Construction workers
Every 3 Years
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