Scaffolds: Supported Scaffolding Safety

Supported Scaffolding Safety is an interactive, easy-to-use program that teaches those who work with supported scaffolding how to avoid injuries and comply with OSHA-mandated safety requirements. With more than 10,000 scaffold-related injuries reported each year, this training emphasizes safety while preparing learners to erect and use these vital work platforms. This online OSHA training course teaches how to safely assemble, install and properly use supported scaffolding. "Supported Scaffolding Safety" will be an excellent addition to your workplace safety training program. Regulation: Cal-OSHA Construction Safety Orders §3203(a)(7). (Duration: 120 Minutes)
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction
  • The OSHA Standard
    • Supported scaffolds defined
    • Training requirements
    • The Scaffold expert
  • Accessing Supported Scaffolds
    • Designated areas of access
    • Access ladders
    • Ramps and walkways
    • Stairway towers
    • Inspection
  • Preventing Hazards
    • Housekeeping
    • Toe boards
    • Debris-nets
    • Hard hats
  • Preventing Falls
    • OSHA height requirements
    • OSHA guardrail requirements
    • Personal Fall Arrest systems (PFA)
  • Assembly
    • Maximum intended load
    • Screw jacks
    • Mud sills
    • Scaffold part
  • Installing Platforms
    • Plank requirements
    • Plank inspection
    • Positioning platforms
  • Conclusion
2 hours ( 2 hours )
Who should attend:
All employees who work with scaffolding
Every 3 Years
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