Executive Academy


Although local governments have largely emerged from last decade’s recession, other pressing financial issues remain, and state and federal actions continue to impact our communities.

City managers and chief executives are challenged to maintain the stability and integrity of their agencies by delivering services with fewer and fewer resources. To assist you in facing these challenges, the Authority is presenting its Executive Academy that provides a unique opportunity to work collaboratively, share smart practices, and participate in team exercises with other senior leaders facing similar circumstances.

The Executive Academy addresses the legal, financial, and structural constraints of governmental agencies through the active exchange of ideas and information. Using a series of sessions presented by experienced professionals, participants will learn greater skills in key areas of local government management.


  • Role of an executive in risk management, leadership, and communication
  • How the California JPIA can assist you in protecting your agency against claims and losses
  • How to handle social media
  • The critical connection for chief executives: department head-city council/board relations
  • Public relations: dealing with the media
  • To Bell and Back: Lessons Learned
  • Increasing the odds of avoiding an ethical crisis


The academy is designed for city managers and agency chief executives.