Asbestos Awareness - Refresher Training

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This course serves as a Cal-OSHA required annual awareness training for employees who perform Class I – IV asbestos work, employees and their supervisors who are likely to be exposed to asbestos above the permissible exposure levels.   

This course does not qualify as initial training, but rather serves as a refresher for those who work on and around asbestos during demolition, removal, repair, maintenance, construction, and installation. The course material aligns with Cal-OSHA regulation Title 8, Section 1529. 

It is best to complete this course in one sitting, if you do need to stop the training midway, please enable cookies for our website and allow popups (turn off your popup blocker) so that you don't lose progress for the course.


Topics Covered

  • Definitions of Permissible Exposure Limits
  • Classes of Asbestos Work
  • Types of Monitoring and Controls Needed When Working in Areas of Asbestos Exposure
  • Employee Protections such as use and care of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Requirements for Hazard Communication and Medical Surveillance


0.62 hours


Title 8, Section 1529


Every Two Years

Who Should Attend:

All employees who work with 100 sq feet or more of asbestos or those who may intentionally distrub asbestos.