Microsoft Word 2016 Level 3.1 Manipulating Images

  • E-Learning

Microsoft Word 2016 makes it easy to add informative, visually appealing images to documents. This training course discusses how to tailor images to any document, whether it is for print or online use. This course shows you how to quickly integrate pictures and text by adjusting image size, shape, placement, layout, and rotation. When working with jpg images, the background can be removed with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Learners see how to customize the image appearance by changing the brightness and sharpness of an image. This course also shows how to make documents more adaptive to online use by discussing file compression and adding media elements, such as videos. Learn how images can be quickly customized to create professional, eye catching documents with this course. 


Topics Covered

  • Integrate Pictures and Text
  • Adjust Image Appearance 
  • Compress Pictures
  • Insert Other Media Elements


0.4 hours


Best Practices


As Needed

Who Should Attend:

Microsoft Office Users