Respect Matters

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In our diverse workplace it is necessary to treat others with respect. How we speak and behave towards co-workers affects the work environment, including productivity and job satisfaction. This training course sheds light on guidelines provided by evident professionalism, organizational policy, and the law.

You are shown how joking about someone’s personal characteristics such as religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, and age is unprofessional and disrespectful. Viewers are encouraged to be respectful of other backgrounds, cultures, and other unique qualities. Watch this training course to learn about the importance of showing respect in the workplace. 


Topics Covered

  • Respect Equals Professionalism
  • Disrespect: What Does It Look Like
  • A Respectful Workplace: What Does It Look Like


0.15 hours


Best Practices


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Who Should Attend:

This Course Is Relevant To Everyone, In Any Position, Within Any Workplace