Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

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Emotions play a part in each interaction we have. Whether we realize it or not, we can read another person’s emotions within a fraction of a second. Having this emotional awareness is an important skill to have and build as it sustains relationships with others. 

This training course discusses the importance of emotional intelligence and how to interpret a person’s underlying emotions. Your employees gain a refreshed understanding of knowing what it means to be in tune with their emotions, and how emotions affect their daily lives.

It is best to complete this course in one sitting, if you do need to stop the training midway, please enable cookies for our website and allow popups (turn off your popup blocker) so that you don't lose progress for the course.


Topics Covered

  • Reading Emotions
  • Underlying Emotions
  • The 6 Major Emotions
  • Two Levels of the Brain 
  • Attunement 
  • Elevation


0.32 hours


Best Practices


As Needed

Who Should Attend:

All Employees