Gateways to Inclusion

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Although diversity is positive, it can potentially lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between co-workers. This course features an experienced professional who has shown organizations how to create inclusive working environments using the 4 Gateway Skills. It manages how you feel, set productive goals, assess intent cautiously, and communicate in a way that demonstrates respect.

Viewers are shown dramatizations of possible workplace conflicts, ways to make amends if something inappropriate was said or done. The course moderator explains how the situations could have been avoided using the Gateway Skills. Watch this course to learn how to create a more inclusive workplace.

It is best to complete this course in one sitting, if you do need to stop the training midway, please enable cookies for our website and allow popups (turn off your popup blocker) so that you don't lose progress for the course.


Topics Covered

  • Manage How You Feel
  • Set Productive Goals
  • Assess Intent Cautiously
  • Communicate in a Way That Demonstrates Respect


0.28 hours


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Who Should Attend:

All Employees