Emergency Preparedness & Fire Extinguisher Safety

  • Classroom

Participants will learn what to expect and how to prepare for different types of emergencies and disasters. The discussion will include different options for protection and preservation during an emergency, as well as expectations, tools, and assistance available during the recovery period after a significant emergency or disaster. You will also review the basics of utilizing a fire extinguisher to extinguish a small fire safely. The training will cover the basics of fires, the different types of fuel classes, and the difference between extinguisher types.

If you are a person with a disability and need an accommodation to participate, please contact the California JPIA training division by email, training@cjpia.org, within two business days of the training date, noting that the Authority is closed on Fridays. 

Topics Covered

  • Review of Recent Major Emergencies
  • Different Types of Emergencies and Disasters
  • Develop Emergency Plan
  • How to Prepare and Emergency Supply Kit
  • Assistance Available After Disasters
  • Disaster Scenarios Group Exercise
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Basics of Fire and Fire Triangle
  • What to Do in Case of Fire
  • Methods to Extinguish
  • Fuel Classes
  • Types of Extinguishers
  • Introduction Review of Pass Technique
  • Demonstration of Equipment Outdoor Exercise


4 hours




As Needed

Who Should Attend:

All Employees Who Have Potential Exposure To Emergencies And Disasters And Are Expected To Utilize A Fire Extinguisher In Case Of A Small Fire