Understanding Emotional Intelligence

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This training helps people understand what emotional intelligence is. Fostering, controlling, and having empathy for other people’s emotions are vital skills for building and maintaining healthy relationships. Understanding how the brain works help people understand how they work.

This training teaches us how to understand emotions, emotional intelligence skills, and how to foster and self-regulate our emotions. The training focuses on how self-awareness helps a person control their feelings when they need to. This often helps a person make better decisions. Being empathetic and listening can help someone not be defensive and cause more problems. Use this course to help employees understand emotional intelligence and apply this understanding to their everyday life.

It is best to complete this course in one sitting, if you do need to stop the training midway, please enable cookies for our website and allow popups (turn off your popup blocker) so that you don't lose progress for the course.


Topics Covered

  • The Thinking Brain
  • How the Brain Works
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • Step 1  Fostering Awareness
  • Step 2  Self Regulate
  • Step 3  Respond With Empathy


0.18 hours


Best Practices


As Needed

Who Should Attend:

Anyone Who Works With Others