DOT HAZMAT Preparing Shipping Papers

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Shipping hazardous materials can be dangerous and is closely monitored in the United States by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and by Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). Those individuals shipping these dangerous materials will benefit from this course. Shipping paper requirements and required shipping paper entries for hazardous materials are shown within this video. The proper Hazardous Materials Table guidelines are also provided.

The viewer is also instructed on how to provide emergency response information for hazardous materials.   Standards of this training video are taken from the U.S. Governments Code of Federal Regulations 49, and specific responsibilities surrounding the use of shipping papers are shown.     

It is best to complete this course in one sitting, if you do need to stop the training midway, please enable cookies for our website and allow popups (turn off your popup blocker) so that you don't lose progress for the course.  


Topics Covered

  • Standards
  • Hazardous Materials Table
  • Basic Descriptions
  • Additional Information
  • Special Cases
  • Certification And Retention
  • Emergency Response Information


1 hours





Who Should Attend:

Anyone Involved In Preparing The Paperwork For Shipping Hazardous Materials.