What Employees Want to Tell You but Do Not

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Some say leaders live in a vacuum, and rarely receive feedback. How, then, do leaders determine if their leadership style is working? This can be detrimental to the team, as feedback and communication are vital aspects found in a healthy work environment.

It is crucial for you as a leader to foster an environment open to dialogue and to be aware of the things your employees may be thinking or saying about you privately. You will learn these cues, as well as what to do about them, through this course On Demand. Utilize this content, understand what your employees think about you and how your behavior affects those thoughts, and become a better leader. 

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Topics Covered

  • Part 1  Mistakes
  • Part 2  Appreciation
  • Part 3  Transparency 
  • Part 4  Competence 
  • Part 5  Autonomy 
  • Part 6  Inclusion


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Who Should Attend:

Anyone In A Leadership Role