Workplace Harassment Part III Handling a Sexual Harassment Investigation

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Unfortunately, sexual harassment occurs more commonly than you would think. Any sexual harassment, even just one instance, can dramatically affect a workplace environment. This course-based training takes a closer look at identifying sexual harassment in the workplace, policies a company can use to combat it, and procedures to follow when investigating and resolving reports of sexual harassment. When investigating a complaint of sexual harassment, it is essential to begin promptly, follow your agency established policies, and gather all the relevant facts. 

This course shows you how to conduct the investigation fairly, systematically, and confidentially. In the end, sexual harassment is everyone's business, and eliminating it from the workplace is in the best interest of all parties involved. Utilize the information presented here and understand how to recognize, investigate, and remove sexual harassment from your workplace. 

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Topics Covered

  • What is Sexual Harassment
  • Company Policy and Preventing Harassment
  • Conducting an Ethical Investigation
  • Beginning an Investigation
  • Gathering the Facts
  • Resolving the Situation


0.23 hours





Who Should Attend:

Managers And Supervisors