Executive Committee


The nine members of the Executive Committee are chosen by the Board of Directors, and are elected as president, vice president, and seven at-large directors to oversee the Authority’s affairs. The Executive Committee meets monthly to review and approve policies related to the California JPIA’s many programs and services. In addition, the Executive Committee also carries out ex-officio responsibility for Claims, Budget, Bylaws and JPA, and Personnel committees. Chairs for the Authority’s advisory committees, Managers, Risk Managers, and Finance Officers, are also participants in Executive Committee and Claims Committee meetings.

Margaret Finlay Headshot

Margaret Finlay, Duarte
Executive Committee President

Committees: Personnel, Appeals, Bylaws, Coverage, Budget, and Claims (Chair)
Occupation: Educator
Seated: 4/17/1997
Los Angeles County LAFCO; League of California Cities; National League of Cities; California Contract Cities Association

Mary Ann Reiss Headshot

Mary Ann Reiss, Pismo Beach
Executive Committee Vice President

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals, Budget, and Bylaws (Chair)
Occupation: Public Administration/Business Owner
Seated: 5/2/2009
San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority; South County Area Transit; Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo; Ocean Water Quality Subcommittee

Tom Chavez Headshot

Tom Chavez, Temple City
Executive Committee Secretary

Committees: Claims, Bylaws, Personnel, Appeals, and Coverage (Chair)
Occupation: Attorney
Seated: 2/25/2015
Los Angeles County Sanitation District; Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District; Los Angeles County City Selection Committee; League of California Cities

Steve Croft Headshot

Steve Croft, Lakewood

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals
Occupation: Project Business Manager (retired)
Seated: 1/25/2023
League of California Cities, Gateway Cities Council of Governments Representative on the Executive Board for the Los Angeles Division of League of California Cities, Los Angeles County Library Commissioner, Lakewood Regional Medical Center and Pathways Volunteer Hospice

Marshall Goodman Headshot

Marshall Goodman, La Palma

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals, and Coverage
Occupation: Business Owner
Seated: 7/17/2019
Orange County Sanitation District; Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District; Housing, Community and Economic Development Policy Committee for the League of California Cities

Sonny Santa Ines Headshot

Sonny Santa Ines, Bellflower

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals, Bylaws, and Budget (Chair)
Occupation: Accountant
Seated: 12/17/2015
Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board; Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District; Southern California Association of Government’s Community, Economic and Human Development Committee

Steve Tye Headshot

Steve Tye, Diamond Bar

Committees: Coverage, Personnel, Claims, and Appeals
Occupation: Financial Advisor, Retired
Seated: 3/25/2020
Regional Council District 37; Diamond Bar Community Foundation; Diamond Bar Friends of the Library; California Contract Cities Association; Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District; Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Chuong Vo Headshot

Chuong Vo, Cerritos

Committees: Appeals, Claims, Personnel
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Seated: 1/27/2021
ABC Unified School District and Cerritos Community College, Cerritos MIS/Technology, Performing Arts and Parks and Recreation Committees; Los Angeles County City Selection Committee; Sanitation Districts 2, 3, 18 & 19/Waste Management and SELACO Workforce Development Board – Policy Board

Mark Waronek Headshot

Mark Waronek, Lomita

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals, and Bylaws
Occupation: Public Affairs Consultant
Seated: 5/24/2017
California Contract Cities Association; Southern California Association of Governments; Community, Economic and Human Development Committee; Contract Cities Liability Trust Fund Oversight Committee and Claims Board

Thaddeus McCormack Headshot

Thaddeus McCormack, Lakewood
Managers Committee Chair

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals, Budget, and Bylaws
Occupation: City Manager, City of Lakewood
Appointed: 5/13/2013

Jose Gomez Headshot

José Gomez, Lakewood
Finance Officers Committee Chair

Committees: Claims, Personnel, Appeals, and Budget
Occupation: Director of Administrative Services, City of Lakewood
Appointed: 4/28/2007

Brad McKinney

Brad McKinney, San Dimas
Risk Managers Committee Chair

Committees: Claims
Occupation: Assistant City Manager, City of San Dimas
Appointed: 5/16/2022

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