Over forty years ago, 33 cities joined forces to address their shared risks. They formed the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority to fill an immediate need and to develop a long-term strategy for mitigating the growing risks of their public agencies.

The Authority is governed by elected officials from its member agencies. An Executive Committee, elected by members and guided by the California JPIA’s mission to provide innovative risk management solutions, provides strategic oversight while a professional staff of experienced risk mitigation experts facilitate day-to-day management and execute on key priorities and programs.

Members of the California JPIA have committed their agencies to risk management best practices—including policy implementation, staff training, and operational guidance—that support proactive efforts to mitigate risk. Not merely an insurance solution, the California JPIA’s holistic model positions its member agencies to control costs and remain fiscally strong.

Today, more than 100 public agencies have partnered with the California JPIA to address their risks and implement best practices. Member agencies vary from small, single-purpose entities to cities to special districts. Though diverse in their missions, each member is committed to the implementation of risk management practices and the overall financial health of the pool.

Strategic Plan

The Authority develops strategic initiatives to address member needs on a regular basis. Our current initiatives can be viewed here.

Core Values

Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards. We pledge to fulfill our duties and deliver on our commitments.

Excellence: We pursue distinction with a passion. We proactively assess our performance and strive to continuously improve programs, services, and work product.

Innovation: We foster creativity as we explore opportunities and meet challenges.

Teamwork: We pursue productive relationships through communication, collaboration, understanding, and respect.


Providing Innovative Risk Management Solutions for Our Public Agency Partners


We will exceed our members’ expectations


The California JPIA’s philosophy is rooted in its mission to provide innovative risk management solutions, and it is demonstrated through the Authority’s many different programs and services. These solutions comprise the Authority’s strategic approach to risk management, called LossCAP, that enables members to access expertise in insurance, claims, training, litigation, contracts, governmental entity exposures, and loss control.

One of the enduring principles of the LossCAP program is its emphasis on relationships. Such high-level relationships exhibit trust, knowledge, and dependability in the routine interaction between the Authority and its members. This has allowed the Authority to develop meaningful and productive partnerships with members. The Authority relies on regional risk managers who have primary responsibility for these relationships.

Since the beginning, the California JPIA has placed a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of its members. Over the years, the Executive Committee has pledged resources that have enhanced programs and services that fulfill a commitment to unparalleled risk management solutions and services.


The California JPIA meets the highest standards set by the risk pooling industry. The California JPIA is “Accredited with Excellence” by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities and has achieved “Recognition” by the Association of Governmental Risk Pools. Such achievements are only granted after a detailed program of study and evaluation, a rigorous review of documentation, issuance of a report, committee review, and Board acceptance on the part of each conferring organization.

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