The Authority has long provided training to members as a way to support professional training and development, and believes training plays an important role in supporting risk management and good governance of members. For this reason, the majority of training opportunities are provided to members at no additional cost to the member. Members are encouraged to take advantage of training in furtherance of creating a healthy, knowledgeable, and safe workforce. Ultimately, this means that training is essential in reducing claims experienced by the pool.

The California JPIA believes in a multi-faceted approach to learning. First, we recognize the purpose of training differs. For this reason the Authority classifies training opportunities as follows: Regulatory, those that Cal-OSHA or other regulatory agencies require for our members to be in legal compliance with the law; Loss Driven, those that address pool losses; Best Practices, those that are considered best risk management practices; and Professional Development, those that enhance individual skills and better the organization.

Second, we understand the need to have qualified instructors. The California JPIA utilizes a pool of qualified subject-matter experts that understand the role of risk management in member operations. All instructors are selected and managed by the Authority, and they adhere to strict codes of instructional and behavioral standards.

Third, we realize that all members are not the same. The Authority will work with each member in order to develop a living training plan that outlines requirements and recommendations for all member job functions.

Last, the Authority recognizes the importance of training delivery by identifying which delivery mode provides the optimal learning environment, which includes factors such as training topic, distance, job function, and cost. Following are the various modes used by the Authority.


Provides information about each of the trainings including description, topics covered and the regulatory requirements met by the training. This should link to the LMS.

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Classroom Training is delivered face-to-face by an instructor in a classroom-like setting.

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E-learning Training is the presentation of on-demand training content via the Internet, meaning that it can be viewed anytime and anywhere.


Academies are multi-day trainings that focus on various public sector disciplines, and use various instructors for presenting the academy content.

Educational Forum

The Educational Forum is a multi-day training that focuses on issues important to members of the pool and associated public-sector disciplines.