The strength of the California JPIA consists of its diverse membership and its central role in shaping an organization that provides important programs and services. Although members are diverse in size, type, location, and needs, the Authority’s various programs and services serve all members well by supporting complex local government operations.

Authority members are comprised of cities, joint powers authorities, and special districts, and with the active engagement of these members, the California JPIA continues to uphold the ideas present when the organization was founded in 1978.

Member Type

CJPIA Member Type - Pie Chart
  • Cities
  • JPAs
  • Special Districts



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Region 1: Palos Verdes Peninsula and Harbor, Central and South LA County

Region 2: North Ventura County, Central Coast, Monterey County, Marin County

Region 3: Orange County

Region 4: San Diego County, Inland Counties

Region 5: San Gabriel Valley, West LA, Pomona Valley

Region 6: East LA County, San Bernardo County, Eastern Sierras

Region 7: Coastal and Northwest LA County, South Ventura County


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