LossCAP Program

The LossCAP Program, which stands for Loss Control Action Plan, is the Authority’s strategic approach to working with members to reduce risk. The program goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of claims, and to provide an integrated approach to managing a member’s risk exposures, and thereby reducing the cost of risk. The program is built on a value-based relationship between the Authority and member. Program administration is accomplished through five regionally-based risk managers, allowing direct access by the members in addressing risk management issues.

LossCAP program features include risk management evaluations, council and board training, contractual risk transfer analysis, staff training, safety programs, employment intervention, and loss analysis. The program also supports the Authority’s Healthy Member Protocol, which is essential to strong governance and sound risk decisions. The Healthy Member Protocol sets forth the members’ responsibilities to ensure the members’ governance is consistent with the values of the Authority when it comes to the management of risk.

California JPIA