ReClaim Campaign Features a Roundtable on Using Governmental Immunities

The Authority is hosting a virtual roundtable on Tuesday, August 24, from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. regarding lessons learned in the realm of governmental immunities, including design, trail, and hazardous recreational activity immunities. Speakers include John Barber, Ed Richards, David Ferrante-Alan, and Josh George.

The California JPIA has paid over $46 million to settle liability claims that could have potentially been defended with the application of governmental immunities. These include roadway and street design claims, recreational accident claims, and claims occurring on trails. Governmental immunities protect municipal agencies from tort lawsuits arising from many of these claims, falling within the category of qualified immunities, which protect local governments from liability only when certain conditions are in place.

The upcoming roundtable is a part of ReClaim, a new awareness campaign that defines potential claims affecting public agencies, educates staff on specific actions necessary to manage those exposures, and integrates those actions into risk management strategies. Reducing these claims helps to preserve the funding needed to pay for and carry out important community programs and services.

To register for this members-only event, contact us via email.