The California JPIA Holds Management Academy in Indian Wells

The California JPIA recently held the Management Academy in Indian Wells. The Academy, which took place in October, focused on key subjects such as improving employee performance, a manager’s role in preventing claims, and leadership strategies to help employees work together more effectively. The Academy attracted 49 participants from 33 member agencies who were ready to learn how to help improve the performance, motivation, and commitment of employees. Through a series of workshops and presentations, attendees were provided with valuable insights and strategies to use in their roles as managers or supervisors.

The next Management Academy will be held March 5–7, 2024, with registration opening in January 2024. For those interested in learning more about the Management Academy or other academies offered by the Authority, information can be found on on the Academies page. Additionally, Training Coordinator Michelle Aguayo can be reached by email or at (562) 467-8777 for questions.

California JPIA