Pollution Program

Coverage is for both first- and third-party damages, including certain types of cleanups, listed non-owned disposal sites, and above-ground and underground storage tanks. Members work directly with the insurance carrier to investigate and respond to claims.

If you believe a claim should be reported immediately, use the link on this page, even if you do not have all the information listed above.

Hazardous Materials Incident

  • In the event of a fuel spill or hazmat incident, approach the scene cautiously, and avoid rushing in or taking action beyond your level of training or expertise
  • Identify the hazard by consulting placards, labels, MSDS or other available sources of information
  • Secure the area to prevent unauthorized access
  • Contact local emergency response organizations

Underground Storage Tanks

Participating members have the option to obtain coverage to meet California’s Financial Assurance for Underground Storage Tanks. See the Pollution Program documents for additional information and details.