Risk Management

The Authority’s risk management activities form the backbone in efforts to reduce pool claims. These programs have historically spent considerable work in making valuable resources available to members. In 2006, the Authority initiated its LossCAP program as a means to work more closely in these efforts. The program uses a project management model to help members succeed in better managing risk.

Five regionally-based Risk Managers have the development and management of value-based relationships with members as their strategic mission. The success of these relationships is measured in their ability to be seen as an extension of the member organization, looked upon as a trusted voice in making risk management decisions, and gaining access to executive level issues and other sensitive information. Moreover, Regional Risk Managers work to create value around what the Authority does; a proposition that cannot be understated.

The Regional Risk Managers have primary responsibility for the relationship between the member entity and the Authority. These responsibilities broadly include training, risk management, claims, and finance. Related activities involve, among others, facilitating and providing training, developing member training plans, consulting on complex issues of risk, facilitating contract analysis, managing the member’s action plan, identifying concerns related to those outlined in the Authority’s healthy member protocol, serving as a claims information conduit to and from the member, making presentations before management and elected bodies, collecting important business intelligence about member appointed and elected officials, assessing and managing critical member issues, presenting and explaining member cost allocation information, and generally promoting the Authority’s risk management LossCAP business model.

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