Report A Claim

This page will allow you to report directly to the California JPIA’s third-party administrators for claims involving third-party liability, workers’ compensation injuries or illnesses, for property claims, and all other programs.

For Third-Party Liability Claims

These claims concern bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage to a third party resulting from a member activity, including automobile liability and liability due to contractors or vendors hired by the member.

Report a Third-Party Liability claim

For Workers’ Compensation Injury and Illness Claims

These claims concern employees who are injured or become ill as a result off their work activities.

Report an Employee Injury or Illness

For Property Claims

These claims concern first-party property, earthquake, mechanical breakdown; machinery, and first-party vehicle physical damage.

Report a Property Program Claim

For Other Claims

These claims concern first- and third-party claims from the following programs: pollution, crime, cyber, special event, vendors/contractors, and foreign travel.

Report Other Claim